Available Educational Sessions

The Practical Application of Robert’s Rules of Order – January and February
The first series of classes starts each January and runs for six sessions. Each student receives a study guide for the class. The Practical Application Class includes teaching time of up to 1 to 1 ½ hours, followed by a break and then practical application of the lesson’s points in smaller groups.

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 Other Educational Sessions

The Art of Presiding – March and April
Offered approximately every other year, the Art of Presiding class runs for five weeks. This course has a dedicated teaching time of about an hour at the beginning of each session, followed by more practice time by individual students in a safe learning environment. It is recommended that students take the Practical Application Class before taking this class but it is not mandatory. Students who take this class will develop more confidence and greater knowledge on running meetings.

Teaching Moments After Unit Meetings
CCPU has an Educational Chair that schedules an approximately one hour training session after each Unit meeting. The session may be presented by a member that has attended a state or national training meeting and is presenting what they have learned, or by a member that wants to review a specific area of Parliamentary Procedure.

The Charlotte County Parliamentarian Unit has always been a unit based on teaching others about “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

At the beginning of each calendar year, CCPU presents beginning level classes on “The Practical Application of Robert’s Rules of Order.” In most years, this is followed by a second, more advanced series of classes called “The Art of Presiding.”

When in session, the classes are held weekly, normally from 9 am to noon and class materials are included in the fees. Paid enrollment in a class includes a one year provisional membership to the CCPU. Students who have busy schedules are allowed, but not encouraged, to miss a class when needed.